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Watch these interviews and many other Peak Practice videos on our YouTube Channel  here.

Simon Shepherd appeared on 'Pebble Mill' in 1996 to talk about the fourth series of Peak Practice, and how things had changed since the departure Kevin Whately and Amanda Burton for himself and Will.

Gary Mavers and Saskia Wickham appeared on 'Good Morning with Anne and Nick' in 1996 on the day that Series four went to air. Here they talk about the new series and the pressure of keeping up the PP standard after the departure of Kevin Whately and Amanda Burton.

Shelagh McLeod appeared on This Morning in 1996 to promote her role in Peak Practice. She discussed the ins and outs of Kate and Will's relationship, her encounter with Mr T and what it's really like to kiss Simon......

To launch the 5th series, GMTV hosted a Peak Practice special running over three days.
Simon Shepherd announced his departure from the show and spoke about his new project 'Bliss'.

Shelagh McLeod announced that she too would be leaving and gave an insight into what would take Will and Kate away from Cardale.

Gary Mavers and Saskia Wickham were pleased to  confirm that they would be staying with Peak Practice and spoke about Andrew and Erica's future together.

On the eve of the 10th series, Gray O'Brien appeared on GMTV to discuss Tom's life after the death of Joanna. GMTV also took a look behind the scenes of Peak Practice as the cast filmed baby Joe's christening.

Days after Kate's surprise return to Cardale, Simon Shepherd and Shelagh McLeod appeared on GMTV to talk about the Series 10 cliff hanger and life on Peak Practice.

The Peak Practice team provided many a laugh and won lots of money for charity when they appeared on 'Family Fortunes' in May 2001. Remind yourself of the memorable moments.......

Simon Shepherd appeared on Today with Des and Mel, in April 2003. Simon spoke his new role in 'Avenging Angels', and revealed why he likes playing the bad guy!