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What was the song that accompanied the Series 11 adverts?
The song is ‘Wise Up’ by Aimee Mann and can be found on her ‘Magnolia’ Album.

What was the song played when Tom told Alex he loved her at the end of Episode 6, Series 11?
The song is ‘Love & Affection’ by Joan Armitrading and can be found on her Greatest Hits album.

Which song was played at the end of Series 12, Episode 2 when Claire watched  Alex and Tom kiss?
The song is ‘Have a Nice Day’ by the Stereophonics and can be found on the ‘Just enough education to perform’ album.

Which song is played as Claire and Alex fall off the cliff in the last episode?
The song is ‘My Weakness’ by Moby and can be found on his ‘Play’ album.

Which song was played throughout the 150th episode when Claire raped Will?
The song is also from Moby’s ‘Play’ album and is called ‘Why does my heart feel so bad?’

Which song was played in Will & Kate’s house as they got back together in Episode 12, Series 12?
The song is ‘Cold’ and is by Annie Lennox. It can be found on her ‘Diva’ album.

Which song is used for the dance routines in ‘Life Changes’?
The song used in this episode is ‘Nothing compares to you’ by Sinead O’Connor.

Which song is played when Alex proposes to Tom and again when Alex is in the wedding venue in the final episode?
The song is ‘I’m so in love with you’ by Texas and can be found on their ‘Greatest Hits’ album.

In episode 2 of Series 12 Claire goes to see Tom. Which song plays as she sits in her car doing her make up?
The song is called ‘I don’t want a lover’ and is on the Texas Greatest Hits Album.

Which song plays when Claire and Matt kiss in his hotel room?
The song is ‘Just Looking’ be the Stereophonics.