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In 2001 Five of the Peak Practice cast took part in a celebrity edition of 'Family Fortunes'. Competing with the 'Heartbeat' cast for charity.

The Peak Practice Family...........
Simon, Shelagh, Margery, Susannah and Gray

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    ffsimon1.jpg (13344 bytes)    ffshelagh1.jpg (14722 bytes)    ffmargery1.jpg (14569 bytes)
 ffsusannah1.jpg (14179 bytes)    ffgray1.jpg (13308 bytes) 

TV's most snoggable couple........

ffsimonshelagh1.jpg (16595 bytes)    ffsimonshelagh2.jpg (15479 bytes)   ffsimonshelagh3.jpg (15777 bytes)   

........Simon and Shelagh or Margery and Les??

ffmargeryles1.jpg (19304 bytes)
    ffmargery2.jpg (14724 bytes)  

ffsimon2.jpg (18134 bytes)    ffmargery3.jpg (15575 bytes)    ffsusannah2.jpg (14504 bytes)    ffgray2.jpg (14303 bytes)  
ffsimon3.jpg (12632 bytes)    ffshelagh2.jpg (14601 bytes)    ffshelagh3.jpg (18194 bytes)    ffmargery4.jpg (20312 bytes)  
ffteam2.jpg (23575 bytes)    ffsusannah3.jpg (17014 bytes)  

Something the dentist says Shelagh?.....You'll just feel a little prick..........

ffshelagh4.jpg (13806 bytes)    ffsimonshelagh4.jpg (16071 bytes)    ffshelagh5.jpg (14662 bytes)    ffsimon4.jpg (13508 bytes)

ffgray3.jpg (17300 bytes)    ffsusannah4.jpg (16393 bytes)

mmmm.....a spatula thingy........a thermometer Gray?

ffgray4.jpg (14962 bytes)
    ffgraysusannah1.jpg (22051 bytes)    ffgray5.jpg (12503 bytes)

Gray and Susannah take the stage for the big money prize.......

ffgray6.jpg (13670 bytes)
    ffteam3.jpg (19113 bytes)    ffsusannah5.jpg (18126 bytes)    ffsusannah6.jpg (19110 bytes)  
ffsusannah7.jpg (15673 bytes)    ffteam5.jpg (20017 bytes)    ffteam6.jpg (19566 bytes)

The Peak Practice Family win the game and loads of money for charity!!!!

ffsusannah8.jpg (16369 bytes)
    ffteam7.jpg (18938 bytes)

Off to The Black Swan for a celebratory pint then?!!!!!!
Watch the Family Fortunes special and many other Peak Practice videos on our YouTube Channel  here.