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On her way to work Joanna witnesses a car crash. She stops to check if one of the drivers is alright. He seems fine but appears to be slightly distant.

During a meeting at the community centre; Andrew and Kate canít keep their eyes of each other.

The young man Joanna checked in the car crash arrives at The Beeches. He is Carolís son Marcus. He tells her heís stopped training with the army for a while to help her move into her new home. Carol is delighted to have her son back and they go back to her house where they start packing up her things into boxes. Whilst moving the boxes Marcus falls and hurts his wrist. Carol takes him to see Joanna and she says it looks like a fracture. However she sends him for a scan at the hospital to confirm her diagnoses. When the results are in Joanna tells Carol and Marcus that the x-ray has shown signs of Osteoporosis, a weakness in the bones. Joanna tells them she has arranged some more tests and scans.

Alice visits Sam to asks for some pills to help her arthritis. He is surprised at the current frequency of Aliceís prescriptions. Kerri examines Alice and is surprised to find no evidence of stiffness in Alice's movement. Kerri also brings up the fact that Alice let her treat her right knee when it was the left knee that was causing her problems.

Unbeknown to Sam and Kerri, Alice is giving her pills to Cardaleís glamorous pensioner Freda. As she can't afford vets bills, Freda is using the pills to treat her dog who is unwell.  Sam and Kerri bump into Alice and Freda and comment on how well Aliceís knee has recovered.

Andrew is having a drink at the pub when Richard and Kate arrive. Andrew tells her that he canít be involved in the drop in centre anymore. She tells him that's a shame as he was good with the people there.

Carol sorts through her old things and is reluctant to throw anything out. Marcus tells her she should move on with her life and stop clinging to reminders of the past. Joanna tells Marcus his bone density is very bad. She tells him certain drugs could be causing the ailment but Marcus tells her he has never taken drugs. Carol later asks Marcus what Joanna said to him but he refuses to tell her. As she pushes for more information he hits out at her and pushes her to the ground.

Carol visits Joanna and tells her that Marcus has never behaved like that before, she says he seems so different now. Joanna talks to Marcus and tells him she knows he is taking steroids. She says that could be the reason behind his aggression and Osteoporosis.

Alice visits Sam again and asks for more pills. This time Sam tells her he is very concerned about her and is going to book her in for scans, tests and a stay in hospital. Alice tells him there is no need for any of that but Sam insists.

Marcus admits to Carol that he has been taking steroids because he wants to feel like more of a man. Carol doesnít understand what he means and Marcus tells her he is gay. Carol is upset and walks out of the room crying. She later finds Marcus in his room unconscious. Carol calls for an ambulance and also calls Joanna. Joanna says Marcus has come of the steroids too quickly, causing him to have a seizure. At the hospital Joanna tells Carol that Marcus is also suffering from renal failure. Carol says Marcus has to wake up so she can just tell him she loves him and that what he told her about his sexuality doesn't matter.

Sam and Kerri visit Alice and Freda. They tell them they are here to collect the dog and take him to the vet. Alice admits the pills were for the dog and Sam tells them that they will get an allowance to pay for the vets bills because of their age.

Andrew visits Kate at the community centre. He tells her he canít stop thinking about her. She tells him she feels the same but doesnít want Lucy to get hurt or for Richard to cause trouble for The Beeches.

ANDREW:    I can deal with trouble. It's regret that does me in

Marcus wakes up and decides to go back to the army. He thanks Joanna for all her help and bids Carol a sad farewell.