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Here's how Teletext reported on the fans attempts to save Peak Practice

Fans rally to revive Peak Practice

Dismayed fans of Peak Practice have been rallying to give the axed ITV1 drama the kiss of life.

They are outraged by the executives' decision to end the series and are mustering a petition to be handed over to network chiefs.

Organiser and owner of Peak Practice Online said: "We accept this fantastic series is now unlikely to be revived. But they could at least give us a final episode with which to tie up loose ends and say farewell.

"It seems so unfair that they've decided to kill it off. It did really well last year and there was positive feedback among fans. We just want to say goodbye."

So far 433 signatures have been added to the petition, and the plan is to hand it to ITV this week.

Peak Practice being struck off TV has stoked the ire of fans globally.

"The show's popularity stretches far beyond Britain. People love it in Australia, Canada and America. The appeal is the escapism it offers.

"You can just go there for a while and forget your worries. They are also your ideal doctors, and you get so wrapped up in the characters."

But the petition will not change the minds of programme makers Carlton.

A spokeswoman said: "There is no chance of a final episode. Many great films end leaving audiences to to make their own conclusions.

"Of course we expected a backlash, it was a very popular show. But we believe they will like replacement series Sweet Medicine." The last Peak Practice series ended in January. It aired for almost 10 years.

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