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Second Best
Series 18 Episode 12

Well it’s series 18 and we’re back on Baz watch! Josh and Nikki receive a call that takes them to the airport. They attend a man who has collapsed. His name is Kenneth and he is anxious about a plane he is supposed to be meeting and a present that lies in his car. When Kenneth arrives at the hospital he reveals his name is Kenneth Samuels. Meanwhile Charlie is about to leave for the airport himself. On departure he notices Kenneth in the corridor and they compare the presents they have brought for Louis. Charlie introduces Kenneth as his father in law – Baz’s Dad. Charlie expresses his concern over Kenneth’s ill appearance to Lara, who in turn tells him that Kenneth has lung cancer. What’s more he has known for a few months and has kept his illness from Charlie and Baz.

Charlie talks to Kenneth and tells him that he has to tell Baz about the cancer. However Kenneth is reluctant and reveals to Charlie that he has a maximum of 6 months to live. During treatment to aid his breathing, Kenneth says he wanted to be at the airport to help with Baz’s bags. But he is sure Dan will be there to help her. Unsure of who Dan is Charlie questions Kenneth who tells him that Baz has remarried. Charlie is gutted, to say the least and Kenneth tells him he promised Baz he wouldn’t tell him.

Whilst in reception, Charlie is pounced on by Louis. As he turns around he sees Baz. He greets her with a kiss and takes her to one side. She reveals she was shocked when the airport announcement asked ‘Mrs Fairhead’ to go to Holby City Hospital. Charlie soon comments on the fact that she is no longer Mrs Fairhead and tells her he is shocked that she didn’t tell him she had remarried. Baz says she thought about calling him to tell him but wanted to tell him face to face. They end the conversation when Baz says she wants to see her father.

As Baz asks Charlie what is wrong with her father they are interrupted by Josh. He is pleased to see her and tells her how well she looks. Always one with the words Josh comments on how good looking Louis is and says he sees some of Charlie in him! As Josh leaves them they retire to Charlie’s office where Baz once again asks Charlie what is wrong with her Dad.

Baz comments on her weird day, which began when she heard her name on the PA. She asks Charlie not to be bitter about her marriage for Louis’s sake. She tells him Dan will be joining her soon and is sure that in other circumstances Charlie and Dan would be friends. Charlie tells Baz her Dad has lung cancer and has little than 6 months to live. As Baz breaks down in tears, Louis interrupts them! Interruptions in Charlie’s office? Yep, Baz is back!

Baz and Kenneth plan to spend their last Christmas together and they refer to past Christmas’s. In their conversation it is revealed that Baz’s mother has also passed away. Kenneth asks Baz not to tell Louis about him dying as it may spoil things.

As Kenneth is taken to a ward, Dan arrives and Louis runs towards him. Screeching Dan as he approaches him, Charlie is concerned that Louis may have called him Dad. But Baz assures him it was just ‘Dan’. Dan introduces himself and says he recognises him from Baz’s trunk full of photographs. He also reveals that he and Baz have had sleepless nights over what to tell Charlie – Charlie is delighted to hear that of course!

As Baz prepares to leave Charlie tells her he would like to take Louis away for a while. He tells her that he has planned a weekend away at an ecology seminar. Who said Charlie wasn’t exciting eh? Well it turns out that Dan loves ecology too (Baz sure does pick them!) and she asks if Dan can join him. She explains that Dan is a big part of she and Louis’s life and says that she doesn’t want Louis torn between them. Baz tells Charlie he’s a great Dad and says Louis is lucky to have him. With that she pecks him on the cheek and walks out of the department arm in arm with Dan. Charlie can only look on as he sees another man with his family. Then the music plays, the credits roll and you know that Baz and Charlie are back in town!

Quote of the Episode

BAZ: I’m Mrs Wilder now
CHARLIE: I’ll make a note

CHARLIE: Louis – he just called him Dad
BAZ: Dan! He said Dan. For God’s sake Charlie don’t be so paranoid