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Everlasting Love - Part Two
Series 12 Episode 26

Charlie is o.k. Mark and co pick him up and take him to crash. Baz rushes in to see him and insists on performing a number of tests to make sure he's o.k. He has a broken arm and a cut on his head but at least he wasn't wearing his wedding suit! The busy shift continues and at the end of it the exhausted staff get back into their party clothes. Baz goes to Charlie's office and says that if he's not feeling up to it maybe they should postpone the wedding. She says she doesn't want their wedding day to be a rush. He doesn't agree and takes her hand leading her to the car. As they approach the groovy Cadillac the staff cover them with shredded paper from Eliot's office and they make their way to the boat.....again. This time there are no hitches and Baz and Charlie finally make their vows in front of all their friends and their son, Louis. It's a joyous moment when they are pronounced husband and wife and they kiss amidst the cheers. At the reception they cut the cake, which is a three tier number with cool little Baz and Charlie figures on top. Later Baz tells Charlie that she really wants them to be happy. She says that she doesn't want work ethics getting in the way again. Charlie tells her they can't retire cause they can't afford it. She says she could get another job, he sadly asks `another hospital?` and she replies `yes`. Charlie says they'll see and they kiss. Meanwhile Amy, Sam, Tina and Sunny are in a dilemma. The band has got tired of waiting and has moved on, so without further ado they announce that they will be performing a song in honour of Charlie and Baz's wedding. As Charlie looks worried Amy breaks into song and within seconds the rest of the staff are joining her in a rendition of `Everlasting Love`. Baz and Charlie take to the floor and after a look at Louis they kiss. Then the credits roll on our favourite married couple.......for the last time?

Quote of the Episode

CHARLIE: I Charles Robert Fairhead do take thee Barbara Helen Hayes to be my lawful wedded wife
BAZ: I Barbara Helen Hayes do take thee Charles Robert Fairhead to be my lawful wedded husband