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First Impressions
Series 18 Episode 13

Baz visits Kenneth and is alarmed to find a bottle of whisky among his possessions. It appears Charlie has brought it for him. Baz is adamant that with the right diet and care Kenneth’s condition can improve. Kenneth is just as stubborn and tells Baz he going to live before he dies. He comments that Charlie knows what is good for him and suggests maybe Baz could do with a drop of the hard stuff. Baz tells Kenneth that for as long as he needs her she will not be going back to Canada. (woo hoo!)

Baz makes her way down to Casualty where she asks Charlie for a word. He is busy and asks her if she can wait for a while. So Baz takes refuge on the hospital benches. Whilst there she strikes up conversation with the partner of Charlie’s patient. She tells him that she is her visiting her father and when he asks her if she works here she sadly says she used to. She lends her advice and comfort to the man and also admits that she is worried that Louis may suffer when she begins caring for her Dad.

Unable to wait any longer for Charlie, Baz goes back into the hospital and waits for him in the resus doorway. As she sees Charlie’s patient struggling for air, she edges further and further into resus and eventually sprints into action when the patient gasps for breath. When the patient stops breathing Charlie and Baz’s teamwork resurfaces and they both work against the clock to save the patient. When back up arrives, Nurse Tess is not thrilled to see Baz working in the hospital and takes Charlie to one side to discuss the matter. However Charlie tells her that Baz is a trained Clinician and states that there is no problem. (Go Charlie!)

As Baz packs away Kenneth’s things, Charlie joins her on the ward. She thanks him for sticking up for her before and he tells her that for a moment it felt just like old times. Baz quickly changes the subject and tells him that Kenneth is in the shower as the hospital is discharging him. She tells Charlie that she is going to stay with Kenneth to ensure he gets better, Charlie asks her if she feels alright about nursing her father and she says she’ll manage. Charlie tells her that he is here to help with Louis or Kenneth. Baz thanks him but says Dan will be taking time off to help out. Charlie reiterates that the offer is there before leaving Baz to wait for Kenneth. And so another week passes, and you’d have to have been blind to not notice the Charlie and Baz chemistry simmering neatly on the boil.

Quote of the Episode

BAZ: Come on Charlie – there’s no time!

CHARLIE: You know for a minute back there it almost seemed like old times