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Everlasting Love - Part One
Series 12 Episode 25

The episode opens with Baz and Charlie in bed, there are clothes strewn all over the floor and then a hangover Charlie wakes up. The night before was his stag night and he is suffering. There is then a knock at the door and a surprise as Ash enters the room. He has brought them breakfast in bed and is back to be Charlie's best man. We then see Duffy arrive at the train station to collect Megan and then Mike runs down a young girl. So with the special guests in place it's time for second thoughts. Baz is worried because she never felt like this when she married Peter, she says maybe that's why it never worked out. Ash reassures her that a piece of paper will not change anything and he asks her how she felt when things were at there worse. She says she felt like she hated Charlie but also like she couldn't bear to lose him. Charlie tells Ash that maybe Baz felt like she had to accept his proposal or she'd be saying that they had no future together. Ash tells him to stop worrying. Then Baz appears looking absolutely stunning and both she and Charlie are chocked as he hands her a present. It's a locket that his father gave to his mother on their wedding day and it has a picture of Baz, Charlie and Louis in it. When there is a knock on the door Ash and Baz make Charlie answer it, it's Sunny reporting for duty as the cab driver. Charlie is shocked when Sunny reveals a bright pink Cadillac and turns to Baz who has a mischievous look on her face. As they drive to the wedding Charlie tells Sunny that he doesn't think he is going the right way. Baz confesses that the registry office had a booking problem and admits that she had to change the venue. As they drive by the docks there are posters wishing Charlie and Baz all the best as well as balloons. Another surprise for Charlie as Sunny stops the car outside the docks - the wedding is to take place on a boat! As Charlie and Baz enter the boat they are greeted by all the casualty staff as well as Megan and Duffy. Charlie is surprised by the reappearance of his old friends but there's also a surprise in store for Baz when Mike arrives. As they prepare to start the ceremony Charlie thanks Baz for all the effort she has put into the wedding, she says that she wants it to be a day that he'll always remember. Before they can begin the nuptials, Richard is paged. He tells George that there has been a fire at St. Thomas` and all the staff are needed back at Holby. Richard makes the announcement and Baz and Charlie agree that they'll have to postpone the service. So all the crew head back to work including Ash, Megan, Mike and Duffy. During the shift the staff become involved in the plight of two young lovers and when one of them is run over Charlie helps them. However while he is tending to the lad the driver reverses the car and as Charlie tries to move the injured boy out of the way, he himself is knocked down. The music starts and we see Charlie lying on the hospital grounds bleeding, before the credits roll..........

Quote of the Episode

CHARLIE: I'm never going to forget how beautiful you look
BAZ: This feels so right