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Emotional Rescue - Part 1
Series 18 Episode 21

Charlie is busy at work. He tells Tess that Dan is going back to Canada in the morning, meaning Louis will be staying in Holby with him – until the next hearing.

Back at Kenneth’s house and Louis is looking for a book. Kenneth, who is looking very ill now, asks Louis what the hurry is. Louis replies that he wants to take the book home with him. Dan enters and Kenneth asks what is happening. Dan says he has decided that he is taking Louis back to Toronto with him. He explains that it seemed wrong to leave Louis behind, as he has been so upset over Baz. Kenneth asks if Charlie knows and it is obvious that he doesn’t.

The ever-amazing Kenneth calls Charlie at work and informs him of Dan’s plans. Charlie abruptly leaves the department.

Charlie arrives at Kenneth’s and tells Dan that he is not allowed to take Louis out of the country. Dan replies that he has been up with Louis every night since Baz’s death. Charlie states that he hasn’t been with Louis as Dan won’t allow it, but Dan questions how Charlie could stay with Louis when he works nights. Dan says that he works from home and Louis is used to that. He claims that Charlie is selfish and doesn’t know what is best for Louis. Charlie informs Dan that he is now going to visit his solicitor to make sure he doesn’t get away from this. Note to Charlie: giving away your game plan isn’t a good move.

Charlie and his solicitor visit the child residence judge. His solicitor explains that both Charlie and Dan have applied for custody of Louis and that Dan now plans to remove Louis from the country. The judge grants the order and Charlie thanks her.

Charlie arrives back at Kenneth’s house but there is no answer. He calls several times through the letterbox before letting himself in. He finds Kenneth still very sick on the couch, and Kenneth tells him he’s sorry.

Charlie hooks Kenneth back up to the nebuliser and Kenneth tells him that Dan and Louis were heading for the 10 to train. Charlie checks Kenneth will be ok before leaving for the station. Note to Dan: if you loved Baz as much as you say you do – you wouldn’t leave her father in such a state.

Charlie arrives at the train station and sees Louis and Dan. He approaches them and presents Dan with the court order. Dan dismisses the order until Charlie tells him that the police also have a copy and will notify every port and airport in order to prevent him taking Louis. Dan continues to question Charlie’s role as Louis father as Louis pleads with Charlie. Dan apologises to Louis and says he has to stay with Charlie. As Dan leaves he tells Charlie not to think for one moment that this is over – he loves Louis like a son and won’t let him go.

Louis didn’t seem to want to stay with Charlie – it’s a sad but true fact. However it is what Baz would have wanted and Louis is Charlie’s son. Perhaps their time together away from Dan will help Charlie and Louis to bond. Oh and I miss Baz.

Quote of the Episode

DAN: You don’t think it’s a crime to cling hold of a kid you don’t even know how to make happy