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No Weddings and a Funeral
Series 18 Episode 20

Days have passed and we rejoin Casualty for Baz’s funeral. Charlie, Josh, Louis and Kenneth gather in Kenneth’s sitting room as Baz’s coffin lies in the hallway – draped in flowers. Kenneth is clearly finding the strain hard to take and is frequently using an inhaler. Josh comments to Charlie that Louis appears to be coping and asks how he himself is feeling. Charlie says he is concerned for Kenneth and worries the pain will cripple him before he reaches the church. He tells Josh he has arranged for a wheelchair to be carried in the boot of the car. Josh tells Charlie he must think about himself today as he has to grieve too. Charlie says he’s alright.

Louis asks Charlie what happens to people when they die. Dan joins them and tells him they stay within the people that love them. He tells Louis he has Baz’s eyes and nose and memories of her. He says he has to hold on to the memories and Baz will be there when he needs her. Kenneth joins the men and tells them that it’s time to go. He takes Louis with him, leaving Charlie and Dan alone. Charlie stops Dan and tells him he knows the crash wasn’t his fault. He says that they have a long, hard day ahead and need to work together for Louis’ sake. Dan comments that Louis is a tough kid but will be better when he gets him back home. Charlie looks surprised as Dan announces he plans to take Louis back to Canada.

As everyone makes their way to the church, Charlie tells Josh that Dan is taking Louis to Canada. Josh tells him not to think about right now – as at this moment they are here for Baz. Josh tells him he’ll never forgive himself if he gets distracted from what’s happening here and now. Charlie tells him he’s right and they make the path clear for the men to carry Baz’s coffin into the church.

Kenneth reads a poem that actually makes a great deal of sense. As he does so, Charlie stands behind him looking on, looking almost lost. Louis sits beside Dan and they both are moved to tears by the time Kenneth has finished his reading.

Death is nothing at all
it does not count
whatever we were to each other
that we are still
call me by the familiar name
speak to me in the easy way
which you always used
laugh at the little jokes that we enjoyed together
play, smile, think of me, pray for me
Let my name be ever the household word
that it always was
why should I be out of mind
because I am out of sight?
I am but waiting for you
for an interval somewhere very near
just around the corner
All is well
Nothing is hurt
Nothing is lost
One brief moment and all will be as it was before
How we shall laugh at the trouble of parting when we meet again

As the mourners disperse from the graveside, Charlie and Kenneth pause for a moment. Kenneth asks Charlie what he’s thinking and comments that he hasn’t cried. Charlie tells Ken he will cry later. Kenneth comments that having to deal with death all the time must make him hardened to it. He says that when Baz used to recall losing patients he would think to himself ‘what a job’. Charlie says he hasn’t become hardened by it and says :

‘I just want it all back, the time, the chances. We had a few chances, me and Baz and each time, well you know – it just wasn’t right. But this time, I think, maybe…….but it’s pointless you can’t live your life like that – thinking what if. You ask me what I feel and that’s what I feel. I just want it all back. I want her back.’

Back at Kenneth’s house and Charlie is still concerned for him. He tells him he should have a lie down. He asks Charlie to sit down and asks him what he thinks of Dan and what his plans for Louis are. Charlie seems oblivious to the fact that Dan is intent of taking Louis away and Kenneth tells him that in Dan’s mind he really believes Louis is his son. Kenneth tells Charlie that Dan won’t stay in Holby for a few months, he imagines he will take him back to Canada within a few weeks. Kenneth explains that Baz brought them to Holby to be with him until he died. However now she’s gone he would like to go knowing that everything is heading in the right direction. Charlie thanks Kenneth for the advice and looks even more heartbroken as Kenneth tells him how much Baz loved him and how he was always the one for her. I know I say it every week, but Kenneth was a fantastic invention. He manages to convey the thoughts of all the Charlie and Baz fans - and tell them the things that we shout at the screen.

As Louis sits with Charlie, Josh and Kenneth, Dan enters and tells him to go upstairs. He then announces he’s called a taxi. The absolute cheek of the man – any sympathy anyone could feel for him has surely disappeared after this episode. Charlie says he’ll go and keep Louis company and Josh says he’ll sort out the taxi.

As Charlie comes down the stairs Dan thanks him for his help with the funeral. He says he made the day run very smoothly. Charlie asks Dan if he minds telling him when he plans to take his son back to Canada. Dan replies as soon as possible. Charlie tells Dan he is not Louis’ father, to which Dan responds he is Louis’s mother’s widower and that now makes him his Dad. As Charlie responds that makes him Louis’ stepfather, not father, Dan reels off a heap of questions regarding Louis’s favourite hockey team, cartoon character etc. Charlie tells him that being a father means a little bit more then knowing whether Louis likes Donald Duck or not. But Dan won’t give up and he goes into a tirade asking Charlie where he was when Louis had chicken pox and sleepless nights. He takes it a step too far when he brands Charlie and Baz as ‘a joke’, asking Charlie how many chances did he need, and how many attempts at a relationship with Baz did he have. Dan also mocks the fact that Baz was leaving him for Charlie and claims he would have won her back eventually (He so wouldn’t have). Charlie tells him to shut up when he really should have knocked him to the ground. Dan continues to rave on, stating how dedicated he was to Baz and how he didn’t keep swinging in and out of she and Louis’ life like Charlie. Charlie plays his ace card and tells Dan that Baz was going to divorce him but Dan asks if he has anything on paper (no but I’ve got video evidence if he wants it). Josh walks in just in time to hear Dan tell Charlie if he contests custody this will end up in the courts. He also states Charlie will lose and says he will fight for Louis as he is all he has left of Baz. Charlie vows to fight for Louis and states he doesn’t need any evidence, as he is Louis’s father. Louis watches on as Josh takes Charlie out of the house. As the door slams Louis gives Dan a filthy look before running back up the stairs.

Oh dear. I really don’t know how many more sad Bazless episodes I can go through. The focus is now on the fight for Louis, and we all know what Baz would have wanted. Time will only tell if she’ll get her wish. In the mean time, we miss Baz. We miss Baz and Charlie.

Quote of the Episode

KENNETH: My daughter, she loved you so much. You were the one Charlie, remember that. You were the one.

CHARLIE: I don’t need documents and I don’t need paperwork because I am his father.