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Ahead of the Game
Series 18 Episode 18

I’ve struggled and struggled with an introduction for this episode but there isn’t one. So let’s just tell it like it is.

Josh asks Charlie if he has had any more trouble from Dan. Charlie replies that Dan’s actions were justified as hearing his wife was leaving him couldn’t have been the best of news. He then breaks some truly fantastic news and says that Baz isn’t going back to Canada – she has decided to stay in Holby with Charlie. We tried to cheer but unless you’ve ignored every magazine this week you would have know what was coming up. Charlie still struggles with his conscious but says he’s not sad Baz is leaving Dan – after all he is getting his family back.

Meanwhile at Kenneth’s house Dan is packing his bags for a flight that leaves in a few hours. It’s news to Baz and she asks him not to leave like this. Baz explains that she didn’t plan any of this but Dan mocks her relationship with Charlie and tells her not to run back to him when it all goes wrong. They are interrupted by Louis who is still in the dark about Baz and Dan’s split. As Baz tries to be tactful, Dan announces to Louis that he is going home alone. Baz sends Louis downstairs and sarcastically thanks Dan in a way that only Baz can.

Baz calls Charlie. She tells him that she could do without going to the airport but Louis wants to see Dan off. Charlie says he finishes at 2 and will come to the airport to pick she and Louis up. Kenneth walks in as Baz finishes the call and instantly realises it was Charlie on the phone. She asks him to tell her that she is doing the right thing. He says that if getting together with Charlie is going to make her happy then she is doing the right thing. Baz is clearly grateful for his words of support and they share, what will become a very meaningful hug.

Louis really is not very happy and throws a major tantrum. (He used to be such a sweet kid) Baz sends him to his room and he passes Dan as he leaves. Dan defends Louis and tells Baz she should’ve thought of how Louis would feel before she and Charlie reunited. Baz retaliates and says that if Dan were that concerned about Louis then he would have stayed on for a few days like she asked him to. Kenneth interrupts their arguments and Dan involves him in the verbal abuse. It seems Dan has finally realised that Ken was a Charlie and Baz fan all the long. By this time Baz is angry and tells Dan that actually she won’t be driving him to the airport after all – he should just call a cab. Dan tells her to allow Louis a final goodbye before she cuts him out of his life for good.

The airport drive is underway and Louis is creating havoc in the back of the car. He is shooting his gun, which makes an awful noise. Dan says he will pull over but Baz says she will not give into Louis. She takes off her seatbelt and turns around taking the gun from Louis’ hand. Louis screams that he doesn’t want Dan to go home and that he hates Baz. Dan once again asks if he should stop but Baz says not unless he finds a rubbish bin to put Louis in!! Louis temper grows and he kicks the back of Dan’s seat. Dan turns around and tells Louis to stop, but Louis takes off his seatbelt and attempts to pull up the hand brake. Dan is still engaged in battle with Louis when a car comes their way. Baz shouts at Dan and he swerves to avoid the vehicle. However he ploughs straight into a fence and Baz is thrown towards the dashboard where she hits her head severely.

Dan gets out of the car and calls for Baz and Louis. Both he and Louis are fine but Baz is slumped over the dashboard. He tries several times to wake her but she does not stir. As Louis calls for his Mum, Dan reaches for Baz’s phone and calls an ambulance.

Meanwhile in Holby, Charlie tells Harry about Baz moving back and says that she wants to start looking for a job now. Harry says he will look out for which jobs are available and says Baz may as well work at Holby and keep it in the family. Baz working back at Holby – what a dream!

It’s only fitting that Josh should respond to Baz’s crash and he does. As he and Fin approach the site, he notices Dan who leads him straight to Baz. Josh slowly lifts her head back as Louis continues to call for her.

As Dan and Louis stand by, Josh reports Baz’s injuries to Fin. She’s not doing too good, she’s unconscious and seems to have several fractures. They are waiting for the fire crew and Finn asks if they should call Charlie. Finn gets on the radio and orders the crew to arrive a.s.a.p. Dan talks to Finn and tells him Baz wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. He explains what happened and says he only turned round for a split second. He asks Finn not to tell anyone that he turned around because of Louis.

Charlie is on his drive to the airport and he comes across the crash scene. He slows down and spots Dan and Louis. He rapidly pulls over, gets out of the car and calls for Baz. In a truly heartbreaking moment he races towards Baz and tries to get through the police barrier. He is met by Finn who tells him to calm down. Josh joins them and Charlie asks how Louis is. He tells him Louis is fine and the turns his attentions to Baz. He tells Charlie she is still trapped. Charlie wants to talk to Baz but Josh tells him she is unconscious and has been for over half an hour. Charlie knows this is bad news and storms to Dan asking him what the hell he was doing to cause a crash on a straight road. Charlie is distressed and tells Dan that Baz and Louis are his family and states that he could have killed them all. Louis is devastated to hear this and walks away. Charlie follows him, holds him and tells him ‘it’s gonnabe alright’.

Charlie and Dan stand by as the top of the car is cut off. As the team go to move Baz she wakes up. Charlie moves to her side and tells her to stay with them – they’re going to get her out. She asks after Louis and says she’s cold. Charlie tells her Louis is fine and she slips back to sleep. The team carry her from the car and place her on a stretcher.

As Baz is carried to the ambulance Charlie says that he will travel with her. No one puts up a fight until Charlie wants Louis to come too. Josh says there is no room and doesn’t think Louis should see Baz like this. Charlie sees that Louis is safe with Dan and goes into the ambulance with Baz. The doors shut and the credits roll…..

What do you say after an episode like that? Not just one that involves a sad storyline – but one that involves the couple who have always been at the centre of Casualty. If you didn’t use up the Kleenex this week, I think you might need them for next week and probably the week after that…….

Quote of the Episode

KENNETH: Never be afraid to follow your heart

CHARLIE: Let me through. That’s my wife. That’s my son.