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I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good
Series 18 Episode 17

Baz and Charlie fever has gripped the nation. Even the BBC continuity announcer is hooked introducing Casualty with ‘Charlie and Baz. It’s like old times.’ The episode opens with Charlie and Baz kissing in her car outside the hospital. As they stop Charlie says he doesn’t want to get out, Baz tells him not to and then Charlie declares he needs the rest! No wonder the episode was on post watershed tonight! Charlie asks Baz if he can ask her something but she says she needs time. He leaves the car and she says she’ll call him.

Charlie whistles his way into the department and his good mood is quickly picked up on. Josh asks Charlie how the Lapland trip was. Charlie tells him it was great – the best holiday he’s had in years. Charlie explains to Josh that he got a present he wasn’t quite expecting – he and Baz are back together. Josh is baffled and asks if Dan knows. Charlie says he doesn’t and Josh understandably feels for Dan as he has been in the same situation.

Baz is at home making supper whilst Louis and Dan play chess. Dan joins her in the kitchen and kisses her. She moves away from him and avoids his advances. He tells her he is aware she can’t stand to be in the same room as him, yet she can spend all afternoon visiting and old friend (Charlie!). Dan seems slightly suspicious and Baz questions him. He tells her ever since Lapland she has been distant. Baz snaps back that maybe she is preoccupied by her dying father.

Kenneth watches Baz as she sadly sits alone. He shuts the door on Louis and Dan and sits beside Baz. He asks if she is all right and when she replies yes he tells her she has never been able to lie to him. He tells her he knows about she and Charlie – he saw them in Lapland! Baz tells him she loves Dan, but the thing with Charlie scares her. Kenneth tells her she has to talk to Dan as he already knows something is wrong. He tells Charlie and Dan both deserve better then sneaking around and advises her to tell Dan before he finds out for himself.

Baz joins Dan in the sitting room and he sarcastically comments that she should be careful, as they are alone together. She tells him he has every right to feel angry. Dan says he has been over sensitive and has been seeing things that aren’t there. Baz is honest and tells him he hasn’t. She says she wants him to know how much he means to her and that she is sorry because this is the last thing he deserves. However she and Charlie have always been there and being back in Holby has made it happen again. Dan is shocked and asks Baz if she has slept with Charlie. Her silence says it all and he storms out the house taking his car keys.

Whilst Charlie is treating a patient, Dan barges into the department. He looks through all the cubicles before he finds Charlie. He punches him and Charlie falls to the floor. Dan tells Charlie to keep away from his family and asks why he couldn’t have left Baz alone – he obviously never used to watch Casualty. Before Dan can kill Charlie, Josh comes to the rescue and holds him back. As Dan is dragged out of the department Baz enters. She rushes to Charlie and shouts back to Dan asking what he’s done. Charlie is bleeding and comments to Baz that she must have told Dan. Baz says she’s sorry and Charlie tells her to go after Dan – she shouldn’t leave it like this. Charlie thanks Josh for being so fast on his feet!! Ahh SuperJosh!! Charlie’s patient then asks Charlie if Baz is ‘a bit of a goer.’

Baz follows Dan into the car park where he screams and shouts at her. Dan rants about the fact they have only been married 3 months and Baz says she knows that. Dan says he thinks she forgot right about the time she hopped into bed with Charlie. Dan says he gave her everything and asks what he did wrong. Baz says he did nothing wrong and tries to explain that she and Charlie has just always been there. Baz stops talking when she realises it’s not making any difference. Dan talks about Louis and explains that he has been a father to him and has loved him because he is part of her. He asks her what he’s supposed to do next – hop on a plane, go back to Canada, disappear? Baz remains silent but we all shout ‘yes!’

Baz joins Charlie in his office and he tells her that in Dan’s position he would have probably done the same. She says he wouldn’t have. Charlie comments that Dan must love her a great deal. As Charlie searches for an answer Baz tells him what he has been longing to hear – she loves him and always will. Charlie tells Baz he wishes things could be different. Baz says she doesn’t, as for all the hurt and the mess, she’s happy – happy to be back with him again. Charlie asks her what’s next and she says she doesn’t know. Baz asks him to hold her and he does so. Smiling as he takes her in his arms.

After this fantastic episode has the world finally realised that nothing stands in the way of Everlasting Love?

Quote Of The Episode

BAZ: Charlie and me…. It’s just there…it always has been…

BAZ: I love you. I always will.

BAZ: I know it’s a mess right now, people getting hurt. But I’m happy, happy to have found you again
CHARLIE: I never went away