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We Can Be Heroes
Series 12 Episode 24

It's Valentines day. Baz arrives at her solicitors and says that she has received a job offer. It would mean a move away from Holby and she wants to know the implications for Louis and Charlie. Her solicitor tells her that she is right to ask as separation is one thing but moving away is another. She then asks Baz if her relationship with Charlie is really over and Baz says `Yes, it is`. Meanwhile Charlie is holed up in his flat and he calls Baz. He talks to her answer phone and says he hopes she and Louis are alright, he says he really wanted to talk to her but will have to wait until he sees her at work. Back with Baz and there is trouble as her solicitors client, Tony arrives shouting and screaming , demanding to know where his wife is. Baz takes the role of talking to him and is quite feisty when she tells him to calm down. He gets angry with her and produces a gun, when the police arrive he gets scared and grabs Baz. He drags her out of the building and forces her into the car. The police are there but they do not intervene Tony has the gun pointing at Baz. A car chase follows and despite Baz's attempt to escape she ends up alone with the gunman on top of a ware house. The police hang back and Baz does her best to stay calm. However as Tony grows more and more bad tempered, Baz notices that he is bleeding, he has been stabbed just minutes before he took her hostage. At Casualty the staff are in the middle of a busy shift and are forced to close the doors to anyone except emergencies. Everyone wonders where Baz is until Elliott tells Charlie she is on the phone. Charlie takes the call in his office and asks Baz if she's alright. She says she's got caught up and is helping someone who has been hurt. She asks him if he can bring her some supplies, he is confused and explains that they are really busy. As she begs him to come out he realises that she is in trouble and tells her not to worry. As Charlie tells her to tell him where she is so he can get help there, Tony takes the phone and tells Charlie not to tell anyone or he'll blow her head off. Charlie leaves the busy shift armed with medical supplies and heads to the warehouse. When he arrives he asks Baz if she's alright and she says she is. When they've finished treating Tony, Charlie tells him to let them both go as they've done what he wanted. Tony says he can't let them go as they are useful to him, Charlie appeals to him to let Baz go as she has a baby. As the police get nearer, Tony gets angrier and while he is engaged in conversation with them Charlie decides it's time to talk some truth. He tells Baz that he wants her to know that he loves her, he says he knows he's behaved terribly and says that if he thought he deserved to have her back he'd ask her to marry him. She is close to tears and he insists that he means it. Tony then grabs Baz and pushes her to the floor. He then holds the gun to Charlie's head. Charlie tells him not to be stupid and Tony moves his attention to Baz. He points the gun towards her and as he is about to fire, Charlie knocks him out of the way and kneels over Baz. There is then a gun shot and silence, before Charlie sits up and we hear Baz sobbing. When they arrive in Casualty neither of them want to talk and they both go into a cubicle. There is slight tension as neither of them know what to do or say. Then Baz starts to cry and Charlie holds her. He says that he thought he may never see her again and she says she thought he'd see that as a blessing. He tells her that isn't the case and says he's so sorry for everything that has happened. He tells he has missed her and didn't realise how much he loved her. She tells him she has missed him too and he says he never wants to lose her again. He then says that he meant what he said before and asks her to marry him. Baz says she doesn't know and asks him to let her think about it. When they emerge from the cubicle, everyone stands waiting to find out what happened. Baz says she's glad they are all there as she has an announcement to make. As Charlie stands there speechless, she says that she and Charlie are getting married. The staff break into smiles before leaving Charlie and Baz alone. He hugs her and says `thank you`.

Quote of the Episode

CHARLIE: If something should happen....
BAZ: Don't...
CHARLIE: I just want you to know that I love you