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Loco Parentis
Series 12 Episode 19

Charlie is dumbfounded when Sunny says he's sorry to hear about his news. Before Charlie can ask him `what news?` there is an emergency and Charlie rushes to crash. As he approaches the doors he is met by Baz who has returned to work. They say a swift `Hi` before getting on with their work. When their patient stops breathing Charlie has to administer CPR, as he is doing so he welcomes Baz back and asks her how Louis is - she answers to neither question. Charlie is once again shocked when Mark also refers to `his news`. He asks Mark to explain and it appears that Baz has told everyone that they have split up. He is furious and confronts her. She says that people will find out eventually and says she didn't want to lie to anyone. He is not happy. At the end of the shift Baz waits for Charlie in his office. She says that they need to talk and he says he'll see her at home. She replies `will you?`.

Quote of the Episode

BAZ: You were the one who decided to call it a day
CHARLIE: Yes, but did you have to hire a press agent