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Degrees Of Separation
Series 12 Episode 20

We see Baz waving goodbye to Louis as he is taken out by the nanny, she then looks at the table full of takeaway packets and empty bottles of wine. She then arrives in she and Charlie's bedroom with two cups of coffee, as she sips hers Charlie merges from the bed covers. They have slept together after drinking a lot of red wine. They arrive at work together but they are both in different frames of mind. Baz has assumed they are back together whilst Charlie is worried that she is assuming that. During the shift she goes into his office and asks if he'd like to share a meal with her tonight. He tells her that he thinks what happened between them last night was all his fault due to the wine. She asks him if it was really that bad and he says that it wasn't bad at all. He says it was good and it was like how it used to be. As Baz gets closer to him he says he doesn't think they should trust last night, he says he needs some time to think. At the end of the shift Charlie arrives at Baz's office. He says that he has come to a decision. He says that them sleeping together could very easily happen again and with no reflection on Baz, says that he's decided to move out. A shocked Baz listens as Charlie announces that he's moving into a flat above the local chip shop. He tells her that they can come to an arrangement over Louis and also says he'll go along with whatever she wants. As Charlie continues to talk he sees that Baz is upset and he leaves. After he says goodbye and walks out, Baz puts her head in her hands and starts to cry.

Quote of the Episode

CHARLIE: Can we really trust last night?
BAZ: Why not?