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Chain Reaction
Series 11 Episode 1

As Casualty returns we join Charlie and Baz in an attempt to play happy families. After relations between them thawed at the end of the last series, they are now living together and waiting for the birth of their child. Baz is on the maternity ward two weeks overdue and not very happy. Charlie is by her side but after they're told they are in for a long wait, Baz tells him to return to work. Whilst Baz is resting, the consultant wakes her up and tells her that the baby is in a bit of distress and he informs her that they will have to perform a caesarean. Anxious Baz asks them to call Charlie and she is reassured that he will be here in plenty of time. So as Baz gets taken to theatre, Charlie gets a call saying that he is needed urgently upstairs to be with her. Due to lots of stairs and slow lifts, he nearly doesn't make it. But as they start the procedure he bursts into the theatre and takes his place next to Baz. The nurse allows Charlie to watch the baby being born and he emotionally announces to Baz that they have a little boy. A tearjerker of a scene which finally brings proof of Baz and Charlie's love. Charlie returns to a busy shift and breaks the happy news and Mike pops up to see Baz where she tells him that they are calling the baby Louis Charles.

Quote of the Episode

KATE: Anything?
CHARLIE: 7lb 4oz. It's a little boy!