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Night Moves
Series 10 Episode 24

Plenty of loaded remarks surround the lead up to Ash and Laura's wedding. It becomes quite clear from this episode that Baz and Charlie want to be together again. As Charlie chats to Jude, we see Baz holding a small picture of a baby scan. As Charlie approaches her she hides it in her diary. At the end of the shift Baz drops into Charlie's office to say goodbye. Engrossed in his work, he says he'll see her at the wedding. As she turns to walk she stops herself and returns to Charlie's side. She says she has something to show him and hands him the picture of the scan. He is lost for words, especially when she refers to the baby as `our baby`. He hands the picture back to her and for the first time in ages the ice seems to have broken. During the wedding they share a few loving glances and as Ash and Laura kiss, Charlie turns around and catches Baz looking at him, he smiles at her, she smiles back and once again the credits roll on our favourite couple.......

Quote of the Episode (on Ash's pre-wedding jitters)

BAZ: Pre-match nerves Charlie
CHARLIE: I wouldn't know

JUDE: Always the best man never the blushing bride groom?
CHARLIE: I'm just not the marrying kind