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Subject To Contract
Series 10 Episode 21

Mike announces that he and Rachel will be leaving to start a new life together in Africa. Although sad to see them go, Charlie is overjoyed when Mike reveals that Baz has agreed to act up as consultant. Baz later asks for Charlie's advice on her treatment of Daniel. Charlie says that it's not her fault that Daniel has screwed up his career and he believes that he was never cut out for the job in the first place. Worried for her welfare, Charlie tells Baz not to worry about it and comments on the fact that she has had a lot to deal with lately. As she leaves his office he tells her that he's heard she's agreed to act up. She says that's right and tells him she has no plans for leaving Holby.

Quote of the Episode

CHARLIE: So you've no immediate plans for leaving Holby?
BAZ: No immediate plans