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Asking For Miracles
Series 10 Episode 20

Peter arrives at Casualty in a state. He is unshaven and highly distressed. He goes to see Charlie and seeks his advice on the situation with Baz. He asks Charlie if he knows what is going on. Charlie says that he knows Baz has moved out, but that's all. Peter says that he understands Baz talks to Charlie as they go back a long way. As Peter becomes more desperate for answers, Charlie lets it slip that he knows Peter is seeing Baz tonight. Peter asks how he knows this and also asks what else he knows. At this point Baz walks in. She is surprised to see Peter and angrily tells her they have to talk. Charlie says he'll leave them alone but Baz demands he stays since he is involved. Peter realises that Baz has been having an affair with Charlie. He says he can't believe he has been this stupid and asks how long it has been going on. Baz tells him that they've been seeing each other for a while but are not together anymore. As Peter seems to accept the situation, Baz announces that she is pregnant. Peter is distraught and asks if the reason for her seeing Charlie is because he couldn't give her a child. She tells him that the pregnancy was an accident and she doesn't yet know what she's going to do about the baby. She also says she won't be going back to him. As Charlie stands looking uncomfortable, Peter remarks on the `bloody mess` they've all got themselves into and makes a sharp exit. Baz starts to cry and as Charlie offers her comfort she turns him down and slumps against the wall.

Quote of the Episode

CHARLIE: I'll go
BAZ: No you might as well stay Charlie, since it involves you