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Land Of Hope
Series 10 Episode 18

A young girl who has had an abortion brings back terrible memories for Baz. She spends a lot of the shift looking for her lost beeper, therefore doesn't see Charlie. When he finds her alone in the staff room he asks her how things are now that she has left Peter. She changes the subject and starts talking about the young girl, after a while she breaks down in tears and a confused Charlie apologises for not quite understanding what she's on about. When she remains silent he finally clicks and realises she is pregnant. She confirms his suspicions and he asks her who the father is. She tell him that he is the father and that Peter doesn't know. Whilst Baz remains in tears, Charlie is ecstatic. However he makes the mistake of asking her what `they` will do and she insists that it is her baby and her problem. As she turns to walk out he stops her and says that he remembers the last time they had this problem. As much as Charlie protests about the past, Baz ensures that she'll let him have his say once she has decided what to do.

Quote of the Episode

CHARLIE: Who's the father?
BAZ: You are