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We Shall Overcome
Series 10 Episode 17

The tension between Baz and Charlie seems to have lifted. He notices she is looking unwell and asks her if she's alright, she says she's fine. Peter arrives and Baz demands that after his meeting they must talk. When they meet in her office she tells him that she won't be coming home tonight. He asks her when she'll be back and she remains silent with tears in her eyes. Before she can say anything else she is paged and on her way down to crash she bumps into Charlie who notices she is crying, as he looks up Peter is standing on the stairs gazing at him. Charlie jumps to conclusions and wonders if Baz has told him the truth. At the end of the shift Charlie follows Baz to the car park, but as hard as he tries he can not catch up with her and she drives off.

Quote of the Episode

BAZ: I won't be coming home tonight, I'll be staying with a girlfriend