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SERIES 9        EPISODE 8        GHOSTS

Joanna heads off to spend the weekend with Tom. She’s nervous and tells Carol as she’s known Tom for 15 years she’s sure it will be fine. She says she won’t be using the baby to get her hooks into Tom, she just thinks he should know.

Joanna arrives at Tom’s house and finds his house in a mess and he in the shower. He is delighted to see her and takes her out on call with him. Joanna tells him that his wife Meg called her a while ago and asked her to come and stay. Tom says he’s also had contact with Meg – she wants to meet up with him.

They talk about the night they spent together. Tom says he sometimes wishes it was an alcoholic blank, Joanna is slightly put out and begins to think that Tom sees their one night stand as that, and nothing else.

Joanna and Tom have dinner. Joanna tells Tom she thinks they have to talk. She tells him she has been thinking a lot about them and says she has something to say. Tom asks her if she’s found someone else, she says no, it’s nothing like that. As Joanna struggles to get the words out – Meg arrives.

One of Sam’s patients needs a kidney transplant. The donor list has drawn no possibilities and his only hope is his daughter Sharon. However he and his wife have not seen their daughter for years and don’t wish to have any contact with her. It emerges that Sharon used to be good friends with Kerri as they were at school together. Sam asks Kerri if she has a contact number for Sharon. Kerri gives him the latest number she has but says she doesn’t think reuniting Sharon and her parents is a good idea as they never used to get on. Sam gives the number to Sharon’s parents who contact her and ask her to come and visit them. When Sharon arrives in Cardale the meeting is a disaster when she finds out her parents only wanted to see her to see if she was a compatible donor with her dad. Sharon stays with Kerri and after an argument with her father, Kerri finds Sharon cutting herself. Kerri asks what has happened to make her want to do that to herself, Sharon admits to Kerri that her dad raped her as a child.

The atmosphere is tense at Tom’s when he makes it obvious that he doesn’t want Meg there. They all head to bed and Tom tells Meg she can have the sofa as Joanna is having the spare room. Meg says they don’t need to go as far as separate beds – Tom says they do.

Kerri shares her concerns about Sharon with Sam, he doesn’t believe what Sharon has told her and said it may be Sharon’s way of getting attention. Kerri says she knows the family and now Sharon has spoken of the abuse it all rings true. She tells Sam how she used to remember Sharon's dad holding her hand in an uncomfortable way.

Meg tells Joanna that she has a plan that will get she and Tom back together. Joanna asks what it is and Meg tells her that she is going to have a baby with Tom. She says Tom has wanted a child for years and now things are tense between them she may consider backing down and having a child with him. Joanna is lost for words.

Joanna tells Tom she is going to go home as she feels she is in the way of he and Meg. He asks her not to go and takes her on a boat trip. He tells her he wishes Meg hadn’t have come back but says he knows he can't just say goodbye to 10 years of marriage. He tells Joanna when she called to say she was coming to visit he was really happy that they could still be friends after what happened at the reunion. Joanna tells him its obvious that things between he and Meg are not yet over.

JOANNA:    You and Meg need to be on your own

TOM:          And you and I don't?

Sam visits Sharon’s dad again and begins to think she was telling the truth about the abuse. He tells Andrew that now when he treats him he feels sick. Andrew offers to take over the case but Sam says no. Serena calls whilst Andrew and Sam are at home and Sam asks Andrew to make an excuse for him and to tell her he is out.

Sharon’s dad hits the bottle after the secrets of Sharon’s abuse filter back to her mum. He is rushed into hospital where he later dies. Sam visits Kerri and apologises for doubting her over the whole case, he says he should’ve listened to her.  He asks Kerri if they can talk – she says yes.

Meg arrives at the boat yard and Joanna leaves she and Tom alone. As Tom and Meg patch things up, Joanna walks away alone with tears in her eyes, her pregnancy still a secret from Tom. 

TOM:          What about us?

JOANNA:    There can't be any us. Not while you're still married to Meg. We've got to stop pissing about Tom

TOM:          I'm really sorry