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SERIES 10        EPISODE 3        SKIN DEEP

Bridget, Carol and Kerri discuss Andrew and Kate. Bridget asks Kerri if Kate has moved in with Andrew yet, Kerri says she hasn’t but thinks it will only be a matter of time before she does.

CAROL:    Andrew's not the first person to have an affair and I don't suppose he'll be the last

Tom stalls his contract signing. He says he is not sure he wants to commit to a practice that is in conflict with the PCG. Alex says Richard is gunning for Andrew and is sure the practice won’t suffer. Sam doesn’t agree and says that Andrew having an affair with the PCG Chairman’s wife is a lot more then just a personal difference. Carol interrupts their meeting and says Richard has just called – he wants a full report of The Beeches drug expenditure by the end of the week. Sam and Tom realise the backlash is starting already.

Carol goes for a drink with school friend Ann. Ann has recently been viciously attacked by a work colleague and raped. He slashed her face with a knife and the incident has left her both physically and emotionally scarred. Ann has had to have a HIV test and she tells Carol the results have just come back negative.

Tom takes on Becky, an anorexic patient of Joanna’s. Becky has just been discharged from a clinic for people with eating disorders. She tells Tom she was very sorry to hear about Joanna and Tom assures Becky he will be there for her just as much as Joanna was.

Tensions are fraught between Kate and Lucy. Kate tells Richard he has poisoned Lucy against her. Richard tells her she did that herself as soon as she got involved with Andrew. He tells her he wants her out of the house. He chucks her suitcases down the stairs and tells her to get out. Andrew returns home to find Kate on his doorstep. She tells him she’s sorry but didn’t know what else to do. Andrew tells her not to be sorry, he’s glad she is here.

RICHARD:    You lost the right to worry about your daughter when you slept with your doctor

Tom tells Alex he is not sure Cardale is the right place for he and Joe to settle down. She tells him to consider what a good friend Andrew has been to him over the past few months and says Andrew could do with some support right now.

Sam sees how much Ann has been affected by her attack and sees a big part of the problem is because of the scar on her face. He tells her she may be a candidate for plastic surgery on the NHS. He says it would not completely remove the scar but could hide it so that people wouldn’t stare at her all the time. Ann begins to look positive and Sam presents her case to the PCG. Richard tells Sam the committee have already decided that Ann will not be a successful candidate for treatment as her life is not impaired by the scar on her face. Sam challenges Richards decision and explains why Ann needs the operation. Richard still refuses and Sam says he is making Ann suffer just because she is a patient at The Beeches surgery.

RICHARD:    Your patient is one on a very long list

SAM:            And she just happens to be one at The Beeches

Andrew finds out that Richard has reported him to the health authority for his involvement with Kate, who has been a patient on his list. Andrew’s solicitor says as Richard is the PCG chairman he will get taken notice off more then the average layman. He explains the situation could get messy. Andrew tells Sam, Tom and Alex where he stands and apologises if it causes problems for The Beeches. Alex says she thinks it’s all nonsense and says Richard is just doing it out of spite. Andrew thanks her for her support.

Andrew tells Kate about Richard’s complaint. He tells her not to worry, he’ll fight Richard. He says whatever happens they are in it together. Andrew tells Kate he loves her, she says she loves him too.

Kate cooks dinner for Andrew and Sam, Sam refuses it and says he is spending the night at Kerri's. He tells Andrew what happened with Ann. Andrew and Kate begin to see the strain their relationship is having on Andrew’s friendships with his partners.

SAM:    Ask Kate's husband how he allocates for his funding, seems to be based on who's just run off with his wife

Kerri tells Sam she likes him staying at her place but says he needs to sort things out with Andrew. He tells he doesn’t think it is ‘sortable’, not when his patients are getting shafted because of Andrew.

The case against Andrew hits the papers and Carol tells him some patients are requesting to see another doctor. He asks her to find out about all patients in the area who have received funding from the PCG for special cases.

Tom tells Alex that Joanna always used to fight for her patients, he tells her he can’t live up to Joanna’s high reputation.

TOM:    I don't like losing patients - it looks bad for business

Andrew pays Richard a visit. He says this visit has nothing to do with him, himself or Kate - it’s about Ann. Andrew tells him he has let his personal feelings for he and Kate affect the decision over Ann’s operation. Andrew begins to read a long list of patients who have all received funding in similar circumstances to Ann. He says that Ann can’t be made to suffer because of what has happened in their personal lives. Carol tells Sam that Richard has changed his mind about Ann's operation, she says it was all down to Andrew.

Andrew receives the new partnership agreement and calls a practice meeting. He says he never meant to jeopardise the partnerships or The Beeches and asks if they are going to back him or not. Alex takes the nearest pen and signs. Tom says Joanna’s patients are beginning to accept him and says he is staying. Sam says he will be proud to stay and agrees they should ‘screw Richard Turner into the ground’

ANDREW:    All I did was fall in love. I'm not going to apologise for that

Tom tells Alex he is putting an offer in for a local house. Sam thanks Andrew for what he did for Ann. Andrew asks if she and Kerri would join he and Kate for dinner – Sam says yes.

TOM:       Do you see me as a gentleman farmer?

ALEX:      I don't see you as a gentleman