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Will has moved into his new home. Alex tells him she is really looking forward to meeting his family when they arrive, Tom observes the conversation and is awkward that Will won’t tell anyone else the truth about his split from Kate and Emily's death.

Alice complains to Sam that she’s not feeling very well. Sam notices her wedding ring looks tight around her finger. When he examines it he tells her the wedding ring is cutting of the blood supply to her finger. Sam says the ring will have to be cut off but Alice refuses. Sam explains the situation to Kerri who tells him Alice has worn that ring for 50 years, it’s not something you can part with easily.

Alex’s patient Jessica has Downs Syndrome. She is 18 and has moved into Carver House; a specialist home for other young adults who suffer from various disabilities. Jessica tells Alex she has had sex with her boyfriend. Alex assures herself that it was not one of the care workers before finding out more from Jessica. It is obvious from their conversation that Jessica only has a brief knowledge about sex and conception. Alex tells Tom she has given Jessica the emergency contraceptive pill. Tom tells her she is walking on shaky ground and should consult Jessica's parents if she has any doubt that Jessica does not understate the full implications of a sexual relationship. Alex doesn’t agree and says she feels she had done the right thing.

TOM:    The last thing this practice needs is another court case

ALEX:   Watch your back medicine? I thought better of you

Sam tells Alice if she doesn't have her wedding ring removed she will get gangrene and will the have to have her whole finger amputated. Alice reluctantly goes to The Beeches where Bridget and Sam cut off her ring. Alice says it doesn’t mean anything anymore and throws the ring on the floor before walking out of The Beeches.

ALICE:    My Eric put that ring on my finger in our church July 26th 1945, and it's not been off since, not till now

Alex is finding it hard not to smoke. Tom tells her he doesn’t agree with the way she handled the Jessica case. Alex says Jessica came to her for help and she can’t betray her. They agree to disagree.

Jessica falls down the stairs at Carver House and is taken to hospital. Alex asks the nurse on duty to make sure that Jessica gets the second dose of the emergency contraception pill. When Alex is gone, the nurse takes the pill to Jessica and in full ear shot of Jessica’s mother Claire, she announces what it is and what it’s for.  Claire visits Alex and tells her that Jessica has the mental age of a 12 year old. Claire tells Alex she has put Jessica at risk. Alex defends herself and Jessica but Claire says she will be taking her away from the practice and Carver House.

Alex tells Will, Sam and Tom what has happened after Will receives a letter from Claire which say she is taking her family off The Beeches patient list. Alex asks what will happen if she makes an official complaint, Will says they’ll stand by her - Sam and Tom agree.

Sam takes Alice’s ring to the jewellers and gets it made bigger. He takes the ring to her and she is overwhelmed. She tells Sam he is very thoughtful and asks him how much she owes him. He says nothing, if anything he owes her.

Sam makes Kerri breakfast. As she cracks open her egg she finds it is empty, she takes the egg out of its cup and finds a ring. Sam asks her to marry him and a tearful Kerri says yes.

Jessica's parents see how unhappy she is without her friends at Carver House. They agree to let her go back there and Alex visits her as Carver House hold a housewarming party for her return. Claire apologises to Alex for her behaviour but tries to make Alex understand how scared she is that Jessica will be taken advantage of because of her disability.