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SERIES 10        EPISODE 10        PLAYING GOD

Will is looking at some estate brochures, he wants to buy his new house. Leanne asks him if he should wait until Kate gets here before deciding where to live, as surely she will want a say. Will says he will be deciding where he lives.

Bridget is treating a patient with a smoking addiction. She makes a point of speaking about Mr Wilson's poor wife who has to put up with breathing in his smoke, in front of Alex. Alex tells Mr Wilson if he doesn’t quit smoking he will not be able to have his heart bypass operation.

Will talks with Sandra, a patient from his early days in Cardale. Sandra’s son Toby has Muscular Dystrophy and she asks Will how Emily is. Will says she’s fine. Sandra is on the egg donor scheme so she and her husband can have another child without the risk of it being born with MD. However Sandra tells Will that she has fallen pregnant naturally, she tells him she can’t have another child with MD and says he knows what it’s like to have a disabled child.

Will is with Tom whilst he baths Joe. Tom asks Will when Emily started crawling and walking. Will says she was 10 months old. Will gets called out to see Toby who has chocked on a piece of cake. He is fine but Will checks on him anyway. There is an obvious tension between Sandra and her husband Keith as she has just told him she is pregnant. Will arrives home and finds himself holding Joe’s baby toys.

Will asks Sam if he will take Sandra, Keith and Toby on to his list. Sam asks why. Will says he wouldn’t normally ask but in this one case he needs a favour. Sam agrees to take them on. Will also informs Sam that he wants to tell Richard about Sandra’s pregnancy  - he says as they are on the egg donor list he has a right to know. Will says he wants to start on a clean slate with Richard and put any past problems The Beeches has had with him behind them.

At Tom’s house Will lays in the garden as Joe starts crying. He calls for Leanne but she is inside the house. Will picks up Joe and holds him, Tom and Leanne join Will in the garden and Will hands Joe back to her. He tells her to do what she’s paid for. Tom notes the tension and later asks Will what happened. Will says he overreacted and will apologise to Leanne.

Tom tells Alex that Will and Leanne don’t get on. Alex says she hopes his  family have a soothing affect on him when they arrive.

Bridget decides to start an anti smoking group and asks for a guest speaker. She tells Alex its no use asking her as she has her own addiction. Alex tells Bridget her constant nagging about her smoking is not helping, she says she’s addicted.

Sandra and Keith are not happy about being transferred to Sam’s list, Sam tells them they can have a test during the pregnancy to find out if the baby has MD. They find it hard to talk to Sam and stop Will as he is leaving the surgery. They tell him they had hoped he would be the one to see them through the pregnancy. They tell him he understands their situation and don’t believe anyone can know what it’s like to have a disabled child unless they’ve had one. Will says he’s sorry but didn’t feel he could be objective enough. They ask him what he and Kate would do if they were to have another child - Will says they won’t. Will says he will never regret having Emily and wouldn’t change one second of her life. He goes home and sits alone looking at a picture of he and Emily.

Mrs Wilson visits Alex as she has a bad cough. Alex examines her and test results show Mrs Wilson has a lung problem due to her husbands smoking. Alex tells them both it will keep getting worse until they are living in a smoke free environment.

Richard tells The Beeches staff they are over their budget. He says he is not keen to help Sandra and Keith as Andrew rail roaded them onto the egg donor scheme in the first place. Will talks him round and Richard says as long as he is kept informed with what is going on then he will keep them on the list.

Alex decides to be guest speaker at Bridget's class. She makes a bet with Mr Wilson that she will stop smoking before he does.

Toby goes missing when he thinks his parents want to abort their baby. Will finds him and tells them his parents love him very much. Will tells Toby about Emily and says he would have given anything not to have put her through all the pain she suffered. Will takes Toby home and tells Sandra and Keith that the tests results have shown the baby Sandra is carrying is not a MD sufferer.

Will packs his things and moves out of Toms. Tom asks him what is going on as he didn't want to get involved with Sandra and Keith, is uneasy around Joe and hasn't tried to contact his family. Will breaks down and tells Tom Emily is dead. Tom asks why he hasn’t told anyone. Will says he thought it would be easier that way. Tom asks if Kate is coming over, Will says no. He says Kate has a lot of friends who helped her when he couldn't. Tom says maybe in a few months time he and Kate could try and get back together. Will says maybe and asks Tom not to tell anyone - he’ll talk about it when he’s ready.

WILL:    Losing a child. I couldn't get over it. I still can't