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Check out our exclusive pictures of former Peak Practice stars in their new roles........


'Avenging Angels', Simon Shepherd's first post PP venture will finally get it's airing over Christmas. Starring alongside Jessicca Stevenson and Bad Girls Jack Ellis, Simon plays Pete Thorburn - not the best boss in the world!
No actual date yet but I'm told it should be over the Christmas period.

Sarah Parish as a man!!!
Sarah stars in 'Reversals'

What a transformation!! Here's Kevin Whately as you've never seen him before! Kevin will be appearing in the movie 'The Legend of Tamworth' - based on the Tamworth Two. No dates for release yet, but it may air over Christmas on BBC2.


Shelagh McLeod in 'The Bill'


Eva Pope in 'Holby City'


Saskia Wickham in 'Waking the Dead'


Victor McGuire in 'Casualty'


Adrian Lukis in 'Too Good to be True'


Jamie Bamber in 'Ultimate Force' Series 2


Sarah Parish in the second series of 'Cutting It'


Julia Hayworth as Claire in 'Coronation Street'


Saskia Wickham in 'William & Mary' Sarah Parish in 'Trust'

Amanda Burton in 'The Commander'


Sarah Parish with Robson Green in 'Unconditional Love'


Amanda Burton in Pollyanna

Amanda Burton in Silent Witness

Maggie O'Neill playing Poppy in White Teeth

Jamie Bamber in Ultimate Force