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A Little Lobbying
Series 2 Episode 1

Series two begins with Charlie waking up blurry eyed as he walks upstairs to wake up Baz. He calls for her but there is no answer and when he enters her room she is gone. He goes outside to look for her but there is no sign of her - she is gone. He calls into work and says he'll be having a few days off because he has the flu. Charlie finds a note on the draining board, he reads it and then screws it up and throws it in the bin. He tells Cuba that Baz had to go back to London and he puts on a brave face in front of everyone at work, but when he goes home he sinks in the chair and cries. We cry with him as he pins a photo of he and Baz on his notice board - it's clear she'll never be out of his heart.

Quote of the Episode

CUBA: When's Baz back?
CHARLIE: Weekend........