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Series 1 Episode 7

Charlie and Baz begin the episode flirting and Megan spots them leaving the shift together. They go back to Baz's house and after lots of long looks they share their first kiss. We next see them in bed. Baz tells Charlie that she doesn't want `this` to be spread around the department like most men would. Charlie adds that he's not `most men` and Baz agrees. On their way into work Suzie sees them arrive together. Charlie later catches Baz taking pills. He says he is concerned about her. Not because she is the first person to do it but because she is the only person whose welfare has been of concern to him. She informs him that she is fine and doesn't want to be put on his special concerns list. Baz then loses it with a patient and escapes outside. Charlie finds her and she thanks him for being her friend, Charlie says he wants to be more than her friend but she says she can't be lovers with him.

Quote of the Episode

BAZ: Thanks for being my friend
CHARLIE: I want to be more than just your friend