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Series 1 Episode 14

As Charlie phones around after Baz fails to show up at work, we see her emerging from a clinic with a male friend. Worried Charlie goes to her house but gets no answer, as he pulls out of her drive he sees Baz and her friend arriving and drives off. Not knowing what to think Charlie takes his anger out on everyone, prompting the staff to wish for Baz's return. When she arrives on the shift she is ignored by Charlie. Duffy tells Suzie that she saw Baz leaving the clinic and they both realise that Charlie could have been a daddy. When Charlie and Baz finally confront each other he tells her that he cares about her and has been worried sick about her. They are again interrupted, this time by Clive. The rumour that Baz has lost her baby slowly filters around the department and comes to a head when Cuba offers his sympathy to Baz in front of Charlie. Charlie stands there shocked while Baz runs off. Clive, who hasn't heard the rumours, innocently brings up the subject of babies, Charlie sees red and launches into a fight with Clive. Baz arrives and tells everyone to leave she and Charlie alone. She tells him that she has had an abortion and that it was his child. He is angry and says he should've been consulted as he would've made a home for them. Baz says that is why she didn't tell him. They argue their points and they are both clearly devastated. At the end of the shift Charlie makes Baz tea and she asks him to give her time. He says he'll give her all the time in the world.

Quote of the Episode

CHARLIE: I would've married you, made a home for us