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No Future
Series 1 Episode 13

A suspicious start to this episode as Baz hides a pregnancy test from Charlie. When she continues to act secretive, Charlie asks her what is wrong. He says he is worried about her but she tells him 'It's none of your bloody business'. Ewart tells Charlie not to let whatever it is interfere with their work but Charlie is visibly hurt and confused. He again confronts her and asks her to share whatever it is that's bothering her. She tells him that she is not ready to talk yet and breaks down in tears. As Charlie comforts her, Duffy interrupts them and the moment is gone. Cuba chats to Charlie about Baz and explains that all the ups and downs are worth it if they can both be happy. After several more staff comments, Charlie finds Baz alone and she tells him that whatever happens in the next few weeks she wants him to remember that he means a lot to her.

Quote of the Episode

DUFFY: Either it's all over or they're getting married
SUZIE: Baz would never marry him
DUFFY: Well something's happened, he's got his act together

BAZ: I've never trusted anyone enough to admit that they might love me and mean it