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Eat, Drink and Be Merry
Series 18 Episode 16

Christmas is upon us and so we are in Lapland. Charlie and Kenneth arrive at the holiday cottage and are instantly pounded with snowballs from Baz, Louis and Dan. It all appears to be in good humour until Dan fakes a fall into the snow. As Baz and Louis rush to him, Charlie watches on. Baz invites him to join in the fun but Charlie turns away. As he leaves Dan throws a snowball at the back of his head and Charlie complains that the snowball had something in it. As Louis and Dan fall about laughing Charlie walks away. Baz notices he is hurt.

Baz calls for Charlie. When he doesn’t answer she joins him in his room. She finds his suitcase on the bed and sees him putting his clothes back in the case. She asks him what he is doing and he replies that he is making things easier for everyone, himself included. Baz shuts his case and tells him she and Louis want him there. Charlie tells her she doesn’t know what she wants, in fact she never has. Baz sits beside Charlie and tells him she knows this isn’t easy for him. She tells him Kenneth is very fond of him and that Santa is about to arrive. She asks how Louis would feel with his Dad leaving him at Christmas. Charlie says that Louis must be getting used to that by now. Baz takes Charlie’s hand and says that is all the more reason to stay. Charlie smiles and says sorry.

Santa arrives and Louis goes for a ride on the sleigh. Charlie and Baz watch him in the snow and Charlie comments that Louis is a great kid. Baz places her hand on his shoulder and tells him they have done a good job. Dan notices the moment and Baz pulls her hand away. Dan says that they should hire skidoos. Charlie questions him and Dan asks if Charlie would like to stay with Kenneth as maybe that is more his style. God, he’s a sarcastic fool.

The gang take their places on the skidoos. Charlie teams up with Louis and Baz goes with Dan. As they pull up alongside each other Dan tells Charlie he’ll give him a head start. At first Charlie seems uninterested but egged on by Louis he starts up the skidoo and heads off. Baz tells Dan to let them win but Dan refuses. Baz reminds him that she chose to marry him and he tells her he isn’t the one who needs reminding. Back home we ask what possessed her to marry him in the first place!

So the race continues with Dan getting too close to Charlie’s skidoo. He tries to overtake and at great speed he runs over a log in the snow. The skidoo is sent in the air and Baz and Dan tumble from it. Charlie and Louis rush to their aid and Baz says she is fine. Charlie shouts at Dan and asks what he was thinking. Dan tells him to ‘can it’ and says he was nowhere near him. Charlie makes it clear that isn’t the point – he had Baz on the back and could have hurt her. Dan is trapped under the skidoo and complains of pain in his neck.

Charlie and Baz try to move the skidoo off Dan’s legs but they can’t lift it. Charlie tells Louis to get back on the skidoo and says he and Baz can go for help. Baz is unsure about leaving Charlie and Dan together, but Charlie tells her he is not leaving her out here and wants her to take Louis back. Baz squeezes Dan’s hand before exchanging a look with Charlie and leaving.

So Charlie and Dan are left alone. Dan thinks the situation is ‘lame’ and tells Charlie the pain has eased off. He convinces Charlie to bend back the tree supporting the skidoo. Charlie tries to move the skidoo but he loses his grip and it falls back on Dan’s leg bursting an artery. Charlie jumps to the rescue and tells Dan he will have to get into the wound to tie the artery off. Charlie gets Dan to explain the rules of hockey whilst he hacks away at his leg. It’s a gory mess but our hero Charlie succeeds in tying off the artery.

Dan begins to panic and realises he could die. He tells Charlie that could be good for him as it must be want he wants. Charlie tells Dan he is not going to let him die as he couldn’t do that to Baz. Dan speaks out and asks Charlie if he still loves Baz. Charlie says he does – he has never stopped loving her. As Dan’s temperature drops Charlie huddles over him to keep him warm.

The mountain rescue team arrive with Baz. When she sees the blood on the snow she is instantly distraught and calls out Charlie’s name. As she rushes towards him he tells her it is Dan who is hurt not him. Charlie tells her what has happened and helps to wake Dan up.

Back at the cottage, Charlie tucks Louis into bed and kisses him goodnight. He joins Kenneth in the sitting room and asks who was on the phone. Kenneth says it was Baz telling him she is on her way home. Dan is fine and is being operated on. He says he told her that Charlie had put Louis to bed and comments that it is such a shame. Charlie tells Kenneth that Dan will be fine, but Kenneth says he meant he and Baz were a shame. As Charlie looks on Kenneth comments that he and Baz were so good for each other. Kenneth is officially a member of the Charlie and Baz fan club.

Baz arrives home and looks sad. She walks over to Charlie and hugs him. He tells her Dan will be fine. She says Dan has told her what Charlie said. Charlie replies that he saved him because he couldn’t let her lose the man she loves. Baz says she thinks she has already done that. For a moment Charlie seems awkward and wonders if this really is the right time to have this conversation. Baz tells him that she knows he still loves her as Dan told her. She says she and Dan had a row when he accused her of still having feelings for Charlie. Charlie asks her if Dan is right and Baz replies that she feels so guilty. However the truth is that when she saw the blood on the snow she thought Charlie had been injured. It was Charlie she was worried about and it was Charlie she was scared of losing. As Baz grows distressed Charlie tells her that she can’t get rid of him that easily. Baz tells Charlie she has realised what she wants, but Charlie tells her she can’t always have what she wants – she taught him that. There is a brief silence before Charlie spots the northern lights from the window. They both look outside until Baz takes Charlie’s hand to lead him outside.

Back in Holby Fin serenades Comfort to the tune of ‘Let’s stay together’. As the music plays we are taken back to Lapland where Charlie and Baz lie in the snow making snow angels together. Charlie looks the happiest he has looked in a long time and they both smile and laugh at their creations. When they get up from the snow they look longingly at each other and the pure depth of their feelings for each other come to the fore. Baz moves closer to Charlie and they share a passionate kiss, under the northern lights and amidst the snow of Lapland…..truly amazing.

Quote of the Episode

BAZ: Louis wants you here. I want you here.
CHARLIE: You? You don’t know what you want. You never did.

DAN: You still love her don’t you
CHARLIE: Course I still love her. I never stopped loving her.