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Never Judge A Book
Series 18 Episode 15

After 20 minutes of Casualty; Charlie and Baz finally make an appearance. Charlie arrives on Louisí ward and is greeted by Baz who is getting a drink. Charlie asks how Louis is and Baz says he has finally begun to respond to treatment. She says Louis should be able to come home next week, and Charlie says they should talk about Christmas. He realises Baz would like to have Louis on Christmas Day but he stresses that he would like to have him on Boxing Day. Baz, however is clearly distracted. Charlie asks her whatís wrong and she tells him her Dad has asked to talk to all of them. Charlie says he should come back later as he doesnít relish the thought of spending time with her and her new hubby! Baz tells him Kenneth has asked to speak to all of them together Ė she tells Charlie she fears it is bad news.

So Charlie, Baz and Dan gather round Louisí bed to speak to Kenneth. Kenneth asks Louis where Santa lives and asks him to name the reindeers. When he fails he calls on Baz who cleverly recites them all. She really is a woman of many talents. Kenneth says that it would be great to spend Christmas in Lapland and then pulls out tickets from his bag! Charlie quickly stops the celebrations and says he was hoping to spend some part of Christmas with Louis. Kenneth replies that he will be spending all of Christmas with Louis as there is a ticket for him too. Oh Danís face was a picture at that point! Charlie still shows some restraint but Louis says he has to come! Charlie asks for Danís approval and Dan says that they have been ambushed. Charlie says that heíll have to find his passport.

Baz and Dan grab a moment alone and he tells her he does not want to spend Christmas with her ex-husband. Baz says they donít have a choice Ė her Dad is dying. Charlie arrives and says he has to go now because he has the Christmas party to go to. He once again asks Dan if he is alright with Lapland and Dan says yes before departing. Charlie tells Baz itís going to be some Christmas when Dan canít even spend five minutes in his company. She tells him she is glad he is coming and he smiles before leaving for the party. Yes I was hoping heíd ask her along but I guess she has other things on her mind.

Not nearly enough Charlie and Baz scenes in this episode. They better make up for it next week. Donít forget to wrap up Ė weíre going to Lapland

Quote of the Episode

BAZ: I'm glad you're coming