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Christmas Spirit
Series 18 Episode 14

Baz takes Louis to Charlie’s house – their old house. He asks her in and she accepts. She gazes around the house and he asks her if it’s changed much. She shrugs and Charlie asks her what her plans are for the day. She tells him she feels out of joint; she was only supposed to come to Holby for a holiday and now she knows she will be here until her Dad dies. Louis decides he would like to spend his day with Charlie at the bowling alley. Charlie swiftly asks Baz if she’d like to join them. She says it should be their father/son time but he says it would be good for Louis to see them getting on together and also says he would like to see her.

At the bowling alley Louis scores a strike. Baz informs Charlie that Louis is good at bowling as he goes with Dan every week. Charlie asks where Dan is today and she says he is working out a way of working from Holby. Baz says that she will also have to find locum work. Charlie says he will pull strings for her if she wants to return to Holby but she says she’ll be alright on her own. Whilst Louis goes to get a hotdog, Baz asks Charlie if there is anyone in his life at the moment. He tells her he is past all of that but she tells him someone will come along. Charlie fails to mention that ‘someone’ is already here and standing beside him!

As Louis makes his way back to Charlie and Baz he trips over. He complains of a bad ankle and when Charlie examines him he finds a rash. In turn Baz asks Louis to look at the light and is alarmed when he says it hurts. As they continue to check him over, Louis vomits on Charlie and they decide to rush him to Casualty.

They arrive at Holby in Charlie’s rather cool blue beetle! Josh sees them in the car park and parks the car whilst Charlie and Baz take him into resus. Harry greets them and tests quickly follow. Results show that Louis is septic and within no time at all he goes into shock. Charlie and Baz help Harry and they try to beep paediatrician Jim. However Jim is away playing with aeroplanes.

Baz reaches a weak moment and tells Charlie she couldn’t bear to lose Louis as well as her father. Charlie tells her Louis will be fine and says they have to believe that. After a pause he tells her she should call Dan. She nods her head and Charlie leaves her side, as he passes her they hold hands for a brief but very certain moment.

When Nikki hears of Louis’s condition she phones the airfield and contacts Jim. Meanwhile Josh finds Charlie alone in his office and asks him how Louis is. Charlie tells him that he looks at Louis lying there and realises he barely knows him. He explains how he planned to be such a good father. Josh tells him he is a good father and tells him that whatever happens he will get through it. Josh tells him he will be there for him but tells him he has to stay strong.

Dan arrives in a panic and rushes to Louis’s side. He instantly starts mouthing off about Louis’s condition and says they should get private care. Charlie watches the situation from afar but steps in when Dan upsets Baz by saying Louis may die. Charlie tells him they are doing everything they can and says that no one needs his behaviour least of all Baz! Jim arrives and takes control whilst Baz continues to swap glances with Charlie.

Jim examines Louis and diagnoses Rocky Mountain Fever. It is caught by ticks that bite the body and Louis would have caught it in Canada. Jim is sure Louis will be fine. Louis wakes up and immediately asks for Dan. Charlie sadly steps aside and Baz, Dan and Louis embrace. Baz spots Charlie’s pain and takes his hand from across the bed. Dan doesn’t notice but we all did and boy did we cheer.

Louis is taken to the ward and Charlie and Baz linger behind to thank Jim. Baz thanks Charlie and tells him he was wonderful today. As they enter the lift to take Louis upstairs, Dan notices an exchange between them and finally it seems, that like us all, Dan has realised that Charlie and Baz’s love has never died.  

Quote of the Episode

BAZ: You always were stronger than me Charlie