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Whatever It Takes
Series 12 Episode 9

Elliot tells Charlie that his statement doesn't match up to Jacks. Jack has stated that there was a resuscitation attempt where as Charlie hasn't. Charlie tells Elliott to check the time of death if he wants clarification. Charlie tells Baz what has happened and she insists in setting the record straight with Elliott. However Charlie tells her to stay out of it and says that he'll fight his own battles. Charlie confronts Jack and Jack tells him that his pregnant girlfriend has left him and that is why he has been behaving so badly. Charlie is sympathetic towards him and calls Baz into his office after Jack has gone. He tells her that the situation has been sorted out. She realises that it hasn't been sorted out professionally and tells Charlie that Jack will ruin his career. He refuses to tell her the reasons behind the whole event and just asks her to leave the situation alone.

Quote of the Episode

CHARLIE: I'm` a big boy now, I'll fight my own battles, I've done it in the past and I'll do it again
BAZ: I want to help
CHARLIE: Then stay out of it