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Always On My Mind
Series 12 Episode 7

Charlie's back and he's thrown in straight at the deep end. When Hannah Thomas, an old lady, is brought into casualty Jack refuses to incubate her and despite Charlie's protests Jack insists that she is clinically dead and leaves her to die. As Kate and Mark clean her up she takes a breath. Meanwhile Charlie is telling her sister that she is dead, as he takes her in to see her, the team have begun resuscitating her. Hannah does die and the terrible mistake caused by Jack is only known to Charlie and Baz. He tells them that he has told Hannah's sister the truth but he hasn't, he is lying and as Baz and Charlie discuss breakfast in bed they have no idea of the repercussions that lie ahead.

Quote of the Episode (on Jacks `mistake`)

CHARLIE: Poor sod, I hope she doesn't sue him