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Love Me Tender
Series 12 Episode 22

Eve asks Baz if she had a heavy night after she sees her taking headache pills, Baz replies `something like that`, while Charlie stands eavesdropping. Baz tells Charlie that she called him last night and was surprised to get no answer. He tells her he was at the launderette but she isn't convinced as it was so late at night. Zoe joins Charlie in his office and they talk about the night before, it is clear that they slept together. Zoe wants a `repeat prescription` but Charlie doesn't look too sure. As Zoe kisses him he holds her head as if to push her away, at which point the door opens and Baz walks in. Charlie follows Baz to her office. She is crying and tells him that she will be leaving the shift early. He tries to get her to listen to him but she is in a state and he shouts at her to stand still. He tells her that what happened with him and Zoe just happened and meant nothing. He shouts that he didn't see her handing out any olive branches and tells her that her bed is not the only one on offer. Baz stands there sobbing while Charlie continues to bellow at her, he says that it's not like there is anything left between them and argues that she was obviously so upset that she went out last night and celebrated. At which point Baz says she didn't, she changed her mind, stayed at home and got drunk. She sinks into her chair as Charlie realises that he's made a big mistake. So as she heads home he sits in his office looking at a picture of Baz and Louis.

Quote of the Episode (discussing Baz's phone call to Charlie's empty flat)

CHARLIE: Was there a message?
BAZ: What?
CHARLIE: Was there a message or were you just ringing me to tell me what a great time you were having?
BAZ: Oh shut up!