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The Golden Hour
Series 12 Episode 17

Baz arrives at work with Christmas presents for everyone. She tells Charlie it's just a token because it's her first year as consultant. He tells her that Richard has invited them back to his house for drinks after work. She tells him that he can go but she'll collect Louis and go home as she's tired. He is adamant that they should all go, stating that they never go anywhere together anymore. Elliott lets it slip to Charlie that Baz has accepted the consultants post. Charlie is shocked and confronts her about it. He asks her why she didn't tell him and says she could've at least discussed it with him. She asks if they can talk about it later but he says there's no point. She later tells him that she will go to Richards and she says she'll meet him there after she's picked up Louis. But he says he no longer wants to go and asks if they can just go home to talk. In the middle of an emergency, Louis is dropped off at the hospital by his nanny who has finished her shift. Baz and Charlie argue that they are both needed to stay in the department, so Amy comes to the rescue and looks after Louis for the rest of the shift. Charlie begs Baz to ask the board for more time to think about the consultants post. She says she can't do that and tells him that she really wants this job. Baz is upset that Charlie isn't happy for her but he says how can he be happy when it means he'll never get to see her. At the end of the shift Charlie tells Baz that she has hit him with something totally devastating and the then just moved on. She tells him she didn't plan it like that. He tells her that he has watched her during the shift and thinks that she is brilliant the way she handles the patients; saying the right thing and then moving on. He tells her that he thinks it has got like that with them. Baz is confused and Charlie tells her that he doesn't think they should be together anymore. She says he can't mean that but he is adamant that one of them has got to do something about their situation. She says she has some leave owing and will take Louis to her mothers. As the rest of the staff head to Richards, Baz walks out with Louis in her arms crying, while Charlie watches her leave.

Quote of the Episode

CHARLIE: It's like we just don't know each other anymore