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Facing Up
Series 12 Episode 16

Charlie and Baz help to conduct interviews for Kate's vacant post. Personnel officer Zoe is also present and she takes an instant liking to Charlie. He panders to her advances and Baz is put out when they go on a break together. At the Christmas Ball Charlie continues to flirt with Zoe and as Baz sadly watches, the staff pick up on the situation. Meanwhile Elliott asks Baz to consider a new post as consultant. Not happy with having their favourite couple apart, Amy, Tina, Sam and co play cupid and Elliott announces that, as heads of department, Baz and Charlie will lead the slow dance. It's a heartbreaking moment as they take to the floor and coldly dance. Tina holds a sprig of mistletoe over them and jeered on by everyone they share a kiss. However when the song is over they part and Charlie returns to flirting with Zoe.

Quote of the Episode (Richard debating on whether to get George a Christmas present)

RICHARD: Would you find it really odd is someone from the department brought you a present?
CHARLIE: Only if it was Baz