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Love's Labour
Series 12 Episode 15

Baz and Charlie are back from their holiday - separately. They meet in the hospital car park and reveal that after joining Baz and Louis, Charlie returned home after just a week. Things are very bad between them and whilst Baz is quite emotional about the whole thing, Charlie remains ignorant to the situation. They try to clarify their stories so their colleagues don't know what has happened but the tension is so strained it's obvious to everyone that they are having problems. After the shift they talk. Baz apologises to Charlie for being unbearable and says that she really missed him last week. However Charlie doesn't cut her any slack and says some quite hurtful things. He says he feels like a running joke with her and the department and says he felt like he was with a stranger when they were on holiday. Baz asks him to come home but he says he's busy and gets into his car. He drives off and leaves Baz crying in the car park.

Quote of the Episode

CHARLIE: I found myself in a hotel room with someone I thought I loved who turned out to be a complete stranger