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Moving On
Series 12 Episode 12

Charlie and Baz frantically prepare for their holiday. They don't seem to be able to leave the `Jack situation` in the past and during the shift they just fire loaded remarks at each other. Elliott tries to blackmail Baz into postponing her holiday but she is adamant that she is going. Towards the end of the shift the bickering erupts in a row and Charlie tells Baz they might as well just get what has been brewing over with. He finally tells her the truth about Jacks girlfriend leaving him and asks her if she now understands what she has done. She is hurt that he never told her in the first place but he argues that she should have listened to him when he told her not to interfere. The fighting continues and Charlie threatens not to join Baz on holiday, she says fine and walks out. As Charlie ponders the situation he realises that it has got out of hand and tells Elliott that he has said things to Baz that he didn't mean. So Charlie heads home flowers in one hand, wine in the other and calls to Baz that they should forget what has happened and start their holiday a fresh. However it's too late. Desperately hurt by what has happened, Baz has taken Louis and gone on holiday without Charlie. He is left facing his plane ticket in the fruit bowl.

Quote of the Episode

CHARLIE: I personally do not see any reason why I should go on holiday with you
BAZ: Don't go then
CHARLIE: That's ridiculous
BAZ: No, don't go. Perhaps that's exactly what we need, some time away from each other instead of this constant round the clock bickering
CHARLIE: Fine, you go, have a nice time