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Bad Company
Series 12 Episode 11

Things come to a head in this episode when Elliott tells Jack a senior member of staff has complained about his handling of the department. Jack is furious and picks a fight with Charlie in front of the rest of the staff. Charlie insists that he hasn't told Elliott anything and tells Jack that he covered for him. At which point Baz announces that she spoke to Elliott and put the record straight. Charlie is shocked and retreats to the staffroom. Baz follows him and tells him that they must talk about this. He tells her that she should've stayed out of it as she has no idea what she has done to Jack. She asks him to tell her what is really going on but they are interrupted by Tina who announces that Jack has called a staff meeting. With everyone gathered, Jack announces that he has decided to quit leaving Baz in charge. The tension is unbearable and for Baz and Charlie it could be the beginning of the end.

Quote of the Episode (Jack on Baz's `betrayal`)

JACK: I trusted your loyalty, but I guess that's what happens when you start sleeping with the nurses