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Give My Love To Esme
Series 12 Episode 1

As series 12 begins it's the start of Baz and Charlie's toughest series yet. Baz is upset because Charlie has to go to work and is unable to spend the weekend with she and Louis as promised. He tells her that they will eventually get to spend some quality time with each other. As Charlie heads to work, Baz takes Louis shopping. At Casualty there is news of a bomb warning at the local shopping centre and Charlie immediately calls Baz to see where she and Louis are. There is no answer at home and he starts to worry. We see Baz and Louis at the shopping centre and they are in the same place where the bomb has been planted. A while later the bomb explodes and Holby is put on major incident alert. Charlie frantically tries to call Baz but there is still no answer and one by one the staff learn that she may have been in the explosion. Charlie can't think straight at work and is advised to take a break. As he continues to think the worst we see Baz with Louis unharmed. However she is fairly shaken when she is told that her car was parked next to where the bomb went off. With the destruction around her, Baz lends a hand and Louis is looked after by a police officer. When paramedic Penny returns to Casualty she tells Charlie that Baz is fine and at the scene. He is relieved and starts to get some order back in the department. When the shift is over, Baz and Louis return to Holby and Baz is surprised to find out that Charlie was so worried. She had previously told him that she had an eye test in town and was actually no where near the shopping centre when the bomb exploded. Feeling stupid Charlie attempts to make light of the situation but Baz sees how worried he was and in a touching moment they throw their arms around each other.

Quote of the Episode

JACK: Charlie, I can't get hold of Baz I need her to take charge here
CHARLIE: No, Baz was going shopping with Louis....
JACK: Right....
KATE: Jack did you actually here what he just said?
JACK: Yeah, Baz was going sho.......
KATE: Yeah