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Monday Bloody Monday
Series 11 Episode 23

Charlie is in a bad mood. He's short staffed and has to so with an agency nurse who is pre-occupied with her child. The press print an apology but Charlie is still convinced that his reputation is ruined. His temper becomes worse when the crash trolley is not restocked and during an emergency the staff get into trouble. He lashes out on all the nurses before taking the worst of it out on Jude. When Baz talks to him about it he says he knows he was in the wrong and will apologise to Jude. Baz tells him she understands what he's going through at work but he snaps at her and says it all looks very different if you happen to be a doctor. Unwilling to fight with him she walks off. Later in the shift a porter calls to say has nurse has fainted. Charlie and Sam go to see if she's alright and they find that it is Jude. She has been stabbed.

Quote of the Episode

BAZ: I understand
CHARLIE: No I really don't think you do, I think it looks pretty damn different if you're a doctor.