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De Ja Vu
Series 11 Episode 19

Aileen O'Donnell has made an official complaint about Charlie. As he arrives for the shift he is mobbed by the press and there is tension in the department as all the staff prepare to be questioned. They all try their best to convey the fact that Charlie is a true character and stress the point that on the day of the alleged incident his son was in a life or death situation. Sam, however confesses that he did hear Aileen shout `Don't touch me` and Richard walks out of his interview as he feels disgusted about what this is doing to Charlie and Baz. The stress affects Baz who is determined to rectify the situation. Her bad mood comes to a head when she catches a reporter trying to get the dirt on Charlie. She gets even though when she cons him into thinking he has a medical condition with his hand. Baz also walks out of her interview when she sees personnel scribbling on a notepad instead of listening to her. At the end of the shift personnel talk to Charlie and advise him to take leave while the situation is sorted out. He is disappointed and takes Baz to one side to tell her the news. He heads home and she sadly writes `on leave `next to his name on the board.

Quote of the Episode (Baz's reply when Richard asks her how things are)

BAZ: My blokes just been accused of sexual harassment, my baby's nanny's turned into a maniac, my mother's in the spare room picking fights with Charlie and I'm about to be interrogated by the personnel officers from hell