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Tall Tales
Series 11 Episode 18

On a busy shift Margaret arrives at the hospital with Louis. She says he's sick again. Baz is confused as he was fine when she left him before coming to work. Louis seems fine but Margaret tells Baz and Charlie that she found blood in his nappy. They perform several more tests but they all come back clear. Highly confused and distressed Baz and Charlie return to work, leaving Louis in a cubicle with Margaret. Charlie tries to get on with work but he can't think straight and runs into trouble with a patient, Aileen O'Donnell. She has to have an E.C.G (heart scan) and she refuses to let Charlie to perform the procedure. He asks Jude to take over but when she is needed in crash he has no choice but to continue. During this time Margaret runs screaming out of the cubicle and says that Louis has stopped breathing. Baz and Charlie frantically run to him and rush him through to crash. Jack is on hand to help and within minutes Louis appears to be fine. When the lab returns the results of Louis` urine sample it appears that the blood that was found belongs to that of a chicken. Charlie and Baz remain confused but Jack questions them about Margaret. He says that after examining Louis, the paediatrician has found bruises around his mouth and they wonder if Margaret has tried to smother him. Jack, Charlie and Baz confront her about the blood sample and the bruising and she accuses Baz of being a bad mother. Charlie loses his cool and tells that she must never go near Louis again. Jack tells them both to leave and while he finds out more about Margaret, Baz and Charlie hug amid the huge sigh of relief. They leave with Louis, who is sleeping but when Aileen O'Donnell claims Charlie groped her, their problems look far from over.

Quote of the Episode

CHARLIE: I wish I could take the rest of the shift off and stay with Louis
BAZ: Margaret's with him