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Hidden Depths
Series 11 Episode 17

Charlie is away on a conference which leaves Baz alone to cope with her most difficult shift yet. She tells Kate that Louis is again unwell and comments that it's one thing after another with him at the moment. Meanwhile we see Margaret at the library with Louis, and she calls an ambulance after he apparently had a seizure. Liz and Penny arrive and alert Casualty that they're are bringing in baby Fairhead, son of Baz and Charlie. Kate tells Baz that Louis is being in brought in by ambulance and asks if she should call Charlie. Baz insists she shouldn't. When Louis arrives Baz and co carry out several tests on him and Baz comments that this is the most hardest thing she's had to do in her whole career. There seems to be nothing apparent wrong with Louis but Baz is worried sick and calls Charlie. He asks if he should come home but Baz says there is no point as Louis seems to be fine. As she continues the remainder of her shift she leaves Louis with Margaret. Louis is kept in overnight as a precaution and Baz stays with him. However she first has to fight off Margaret who is insistent that she stay as well. Baz assures her that she'll be fine.

Quote of the Episode

BAZ: I can honestly say I think this is one of the most difficult things I've done