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Hit and Run
Series 10 Episode 9

Charlie gives Daniel a stern telling of for shouting at Rachel and Jude. Baz overhears and she tells Charlie that if he's got a problem with Daniel he should talk to her about it. What follows is a fierce confrontation that is witnessed by all the staff, particularly Ash who notices something is going on. They continue the discussion in Charlie's office and Baz asks why he has been ignoring her. He says that they should cut their loses and steer clear of each other. He tells her that he's had enough of the secrecy and the lies and thinks it would be safer if they stay out of each others way. Baz flirtatiously reveals that Peters away, but Charlie just turns the other cheek. Ash asks Charlie what's going on and Charlie admits they he and Baz have been having an affair. Charlie decides to join the lads on a night out and makes the point of announcing he may `get lucky` in front of Baz, who adds `Peters away all week`.

Quote of the Episode

BAZ: I want to stick to procedure
CHARLIE: It'll be the first time in you life that you have