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Turning Point
Series 10 Episode 7

As Baz drives into work she smashes into the back of Charlie's car. When they examine the damage she protests that she never smashed his light. She asks him how it happened but gets a sarcastic response. Angry at the way he has been speaking to her all morning, Baz confronts Charlie and asks what she's done wrong. He asks if they can go for walk. They talk for a while and Charlie tells her the real reason behind the broken light. He tells her that now whenever he's not with her, he just wants to be with her. He explains how he knows this can't be the way and thinks it'll be best if they just `call it a day`. Baz is hurt and then angry when Charlie lets it slip that he has told Rachel about their affair. They spend the remainder of the shift throwing hurtful comments at each other. However Baz is deeply upset and goes to see Charlie after work. He says that although he doesn't want to finish it with her, he can no longer see a halfway house. They promise not to bicker at work again and walk of to Charlie's bedroom.

Quote of the Episode

CHARLIE: Whenever I'm not with you I just want to be with you, and I know it can't be like that so perhaps we should just call it a day