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Series 10 Episode 6

Baz finds it hard to believe that the reason Charlie didn't join she and Peter was because he lost his car keys. He insists that it could happen to anyone but she's not convinced. She feels insecure when Charlie reveals what a good time he and Peter had at the match, she sarcastically asks if it will become a permanent fixture. During the shift, Charlie and Baz witness a row between Mike and Rachel. Charlie later tries to comfort Rachel but she snaps at him saying he has no idea what she is going through. This leads Charlie to confide in Rachel about everything. He tells her about he and Baz and how it is getting to the stage where he can't bare to be apart from her. Rachel advises him to call it a day before he gets hurt. At the end of the shift Baz goes home to Peter and Charlie goes out with Ash.

Quote of the Episode

RACHEL: Get out before you get hurt, because you will believe me